Ketubah Collection - Calligraphy

FOUR SEASONS KETUBAH Watercolor Commission Painting - Entangled Trees with Gold Leaf accents $900.00
Watercolor Ring Ketubah Print - I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine - watercolor calligraphy, wedding bands from $285.00
FOUR SEASONS Custom KETUBAH Commission Painting - Entangled Trees with Gold Leaf Sold Out
Painted Custom Ketubah - THE TREE BRANCHES - Watercolor handmade Calligraphy by Elena Berlo $900.00

I am my beloved's Hebrew Calligraphy Ketubah Print - Engagement Rings, opal rings from $285.00
Unique Watercolor Ketubah Commission painting - FLOWER GARLANDS - judaica, jewish marriage ceremony $1,500.00
Metallic Gold Calligraphic Ketubah Papercut - Modern Ketubah Print with Papercut layer - MY BELOVED KETUBAH from $385.00
KETUBAH Custom Artwork Commission - Willow Tree Gold Leaf Embellished $750.00

Painted Ketubah Watercolor Calligraphy - ARTISTIC CALLIGRAPHY KETUBAH - museum quality abstract minimalist painting Jewish marriage contract from $420.00
CALLIGRAPHY WATERCOLOUR KETUBAH painting with silver and gold leaf accents $1,750.00