Share your Wedding or an Artwork Review

At OnceUponaPaper we love submissions from our clients and wonderful newly married couples. Your proffesional looking pictures of our artwork on display, respectively outstanding photographs of happy and inspirational moments from the wedding or anniversary day, including details of our custom works. We share the images and thoughts you send us, and it is a warm feeling to know that you really love it and that we are a tiny bit part of your story. Thanks a million to those couples that got back to us.


Let our writer do it for you - If you need help with submitting, we have a writer we can put you in touch with, to interview, assemble the best words and pictures, and then submit to our media partners. Simply email us at  SHARE  and we will get it started for you!


Submit directly to our Media Partners:

smashingtheglass     we are grateful if you get in touch with Karen Cinnamon, the founder of Smashing the Glass, our media partner, and share your story with them.  They are very nice and easy to work with, and will guide you through the steps. 

boho-weddings  Please email your submission to

gorgeous.ketubah     email amy at

    product review    you can directly leave a review with no picture in the "CUSTOMER REVIEWS" section on your purchased product page



    With love,
    Elena and Genu