Submit a Wedding or an Art Project

ElenaBerlo OnceUponaPaper accepts submissions - from our clients and our wonderful newly married couples - of proffesional looking pictures of artwork projects on display, respectively outstanding photographs of happy and inspirational moments from the wedding or anniversary day, including details of our custom works.

We are also opened to submissions of stylish weddings from all over the world, and projects of independent artists, illustrators, photographers, printmakers, calligraphers and graphic designers related to paper or printmaking only. But these submissions are subject to our roundup blog posts and have less priority. 

Please include the following:

  • Project Details or Wedding Couple's first names, date & location, if a wedding or anniversary
  • A brief about the project, your involvement, and how it is personal to you
  • Selection of web optimized professional images that include general depictions as well as unique and custom details
  • Confirmation that you have permission from photographer to use the images for publication
  • Your contact details



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