Custom Ketubah & Family Trees, Modern Wedding Gifts & Jewish Blessings

We are a worldwide destination for couples and families desiring splendid tailor-made ketubah and ceremonial announcements. Our designs are made to capture and celebrate the best moments at your Wedding, Bridal Shower, Anniversary, Family Reunion, Baby shower, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Aufruf,  Simcha, Parties and more. Heirlooms to be displayed as centerpieces in your home for generations.

Custom made Hand painted Ketubot

Embellished with real Gold or Silver, luscious rich materials, these are entirely custom and handmade, from the concept design to the lettering, painting and crafting, just for you.

Hand painted and hand calligraphed tailored to your wedding theme, a Ketubot for everyone:

Orthodox | Conservative with Lieberman clause | Conservative | Canadian Reform | Interfaith | Reform | LGBTQ+ | Secular Humanistic | Egalitarian | Sephardic Ketubah | English Only for Jewish and Gentile weddings | Anniversary Ketubah

Start your custom artwork Ketubah

Giclée Print Ketubah

A OnceUponaPaper ketubah allows you to honor the ancient tradition of a ketubah in a slick and modern fashion. Our print ketubah is museum quality Giclée on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper using archival inks. Made to last over 200 years in original condition.

Choose from various themes:

Trees of Life | Calligraphy | Greenery | Four Seasons | Garden and Forest | Square | Mid Century Modern | Bohemian | Japanese Sumi-e | Hamsa | Celestial & Places | Abstract | Geometric & Patterns