Ketubah Collections




Our Original Art Commission Ketubah is the highest, most valuable customized art piece we can make for you. Embellished with real Gold or Silver, luscious rich materials, these are entirely custom and handmade, from the concept design to the lettering, painting and crafting, just for you.
They range in price from $600 to $2400 depending on the size and materials involved, the complexity of design, the timeframe and degree of crafting techniques.

If you fancy one, please get in touch to discuss the details. Anything germane to you, any element or symbol you need, we can incorporate into your Ketubah.  


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Any ketubah type made by ElenaBerlo OnceUponaPaper can be enriched with real gold 22-24k accents applied to prepared areas of its surface.


Ketubah Giclée Print

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A OnceUponaPaper ketubah allows you to honor the ancient tradition of a ketubah in a slick and modern fashion. Our print ketubah is museum quality Giclée on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper using Epson UltraChrome™ K3 archival inks – the standard by which all other professional level ink technologies are measured. Made to last over 200 years in original condition.

Painted Ketubah Watercolor Tree

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High quality Painting and Calligraphy on your unique Ketubah, handmade by Elena and Genu. Our painted ketubahs are made with utmost care to details such as shape, color harmony and beautifully executed calligraphy. Painted & Hand Calligraphed. And we only use top of the line in watercolor papers.

Woodcut Ketubahs

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With an extra layer of woodcut, your Giclee Ketubah will just look astonishing. With best design and material and process in mind, we’re able to produce a product that’s impeccably crafted and beautiful in every detail. Natural wood of course will have it's own "perfect" imperfections. 

Papercut Ketubah

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Personalized KETUBAH Giclée Print with a PAPERCUT layer. Design from original watercolor paintings by OnceUponaPaper artists.