We create outstanding artwork to put your wedding, anniversary or family celebration in style.

Our museum quality artwork and products are made in finest materials, love, and with outstanding handcrafting and painting. It is designed and purposed to be displayed as a centerpiece in your home for years to come, to delight, harmonize, and even enhance positive energy of your room, and to bring back the most dear memories of a perfect day.


We are constantly inspired by travels, architecture, cherry and plum blossoms, seasons and nature. We love painting. And we love the touch and feel of paper, watercolor, gouache, oil colours, and are not limiting ourselves to one technique. We are dedicated to detail and quality handcrafting throughout our product range.



Elena Berlo

Owner, Fine Artist, Marketing

With bachelors in Fine Arts and Architecture from the University of Bucharest, and architectural practice in well established NYC firms, Elena Berlo is now a full time mom blending a family life with her passion for fine arts. She also assists with marketing and press..



Genu Berlo

Creative Director, Maker

Eugen Berlo takes the lead role in each project within the studio, and fully oversees all aspects of the concept, development and production of new and existing products. With Bachelors in Math and Architecture from the University of Bucharest, he continued his education in Fine Arts at Fashion Institute of Technology of  NYC. Prior to inception of this venture, Eugen Berlo worked as architect for the New York City’s most eminent architectural firms, and world’s highly renowned Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM) architectural, planning and engineering company.


When we layout a tree or a pattern, we are searching for a prototype and archetype, and for the most relevant shape and exciting color combination to the human eye. Not an easy task, but so teasing to us. Our paintings give joy, positive energy, color to the walls, oxygen to your brain, and make your friends jealous. Trees and birds. Two symbols of earth and flight, of rooted and freedom, of building and occupancy. Geometric patterns. The best way to set order, the nature’s way to structure things, like in fractals, like in Pitagora, Fibonacci, Mandelbrot..


All of our ketubah start as a painting and they will continue to do so as we love the sensibility of the paintbrush that stands out no matter what the end medium is.  We are still the only ones in the field offering a Woodcut Ketubah and painted guestbooks, and we are now working on adding gold leaf as a special detail. With so many products being customizable, the large majority are made in-house. We continue to use museum quality materials for our artwork and for all that is born from it.
Our Ketubah is a piece of art that combines ​abstract graphic​s​ and ​traditionally ​symbolic elements​, such as the tree of life,​ with a body of text, adapted and written specifically for the couple getting married.
​OnceUponaPaper ketubah collection has its modernity revealed by the sophisticated line style, various compositional graphic layouts, the embodiment of the wedding theme through vibrant color palettes or subtle harmonies, and use of specific genre of style, exploration of specific cultural symbolic archetypes, like platonic solids for instance, or geometric sacred architectural elements.

The way we preserve the traditional ground is by subtly or sometimes boldly embedding iconic motifs into the design. Traditional Jewish motifs like David’s Star, the pomegranate, the tree of life, the well-known Song of Solomon's phrase “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”, or key words like “Love” and “Life” are often encountered in our designs.


In nooks and corners

Cold remains:

Flowers of the plum

- Yosa Buson







Sketch by Elena Berlo