We are Elena & Genu, the creators of ElenaBerlo™ and OnceUponaPaper™, a husband and wife team with a mutual passion for art, painting, printmaking and illustration.
We want to thank everyone who put their faith in our artistic heart and hands. It is with your support our journey into customized artwork was made possible, leading to the incredible joy of making art together as a profession. 
We took small steps in giving our paintings a niche purpose, each one specially requested by a new couple. And it all grew organically as we came to understand that capturing life’s precious moments in art helps us make sense of our presence and connects us to the past, present and future, and to beautiful new people.

All of our ketubot, blessings and family trees start as a painting and they will continue to do so as we love the sensibility of the paintbrush that stands out no matter what the end medium is. With so many products being customizable, the large majority are made in-house. We continue to use museum quality materials for our artwork and for all that is born from it.


Elena Berlo is a full time painter blending the family life with her endeavor in fine arts. With a bachelors in Architecture from the University of Bucharest, she continued her artistic education at the Fashion Institute of Technology of NYC, and practiced architecture in well established NYC firms.

Genu Berlo takes the lead role in each project within the studio, and oversees all aspects of the concept, development and production of new and existing products. He also expands his interest beyond illustration into modern and contemporary art making. Genu has a bachelors in Math, Architecture, and Continuing Education in fine arts at FIT NYC. Prior to inception of this venture, he worked as architect for the New York City’s most eminent architectural firms, and world’s highly renowned Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM) architectural, planning and engineering company.