KETUBAH Custom Artwork Commission - Willow Tree Gold Leaf Embellished

hand painted ketubah - by ElenaBerlo OnceUponaPaper

Our Original Commission Ketubah can include any of the following materials and techniques: 
1. concept design with custom layout, text styling, materials and colours: 2-3 mockups to start with and unlimited number of revisions to your full satisfaction
2. small or large scale calligraphy for texts 
3. watercolor painting
4. one or more papercut or woodcut layers, plain white, gilded or watercolor painted 
5. real Gold and Silver details
6. other rich materials as handmade paper
7. could include additional elements or techniques to be determined. (collage, letterpress or woodblock printing, special backing, etc... )

The price range is depending on the size and materials involved, the complexity of design, the timeframe and degree of crafting techniques.

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