Our Original Art Commission Ketubah is the highest, most valuable and custom art piece we can make for you. Embellished with real Gold or Silver, luscious rich materials, these are entirely custom and handmade, from the concept design to the lettering, painting and crafting, just for you.
They range in price depending on the size and materials involved, the complexity of design, the timeframe and degree of crafting techniques.

If you fancy one, please get in touch to discuss the details.

CALLIGRAPHY WATERCOLOUR KETUBAH painting with silver and gold leaf accents
from $1,200.00
Custom Eucalyptus Ray Ketubah Artwork Commission
from $720.00
FOUR SEASONS Custom KETUBAH Commission Painting - Entangled Trees with Gold Leaf
FOUR SEASONS KETUBAH Watercolor Commission Painting - Entangled Trees with Gold Leaf accents

Gold Leaf Ketubah Modern Ketubah watercolor painting- Golden Love Birds on Twigs
from $470.00
Greenery Wedding, Custom Ketubah, Artwork Commission, watercolor painting
from $560.00
Holy Hamsa Ketubah <> Bronze watercolor painting and calligraphy
from $528.00
Ikebana Ketubah >_ Greenery Watercolor custom artwork painting
from $480.00

KETUBAH Custom Artwork Commission - Willow Tree Gold Leaf Embellished
Mid century modern Waterfall Ketubah watercolor
from $600.00
Modern Illuminated manuscript Watercolor Ketubah Custom Commission - EDEN GARDEN
from $520.00
Our first married Christmas together Ketubah print - Custom Wedding Portrait
from $495.00

Painted Custom Ketubah - THE TREE BRANCHES - Watercolor handmade Calligraphy by Elena Berlo
Papercut Ketubah > Simple Gold Leaf gilded ketubah
from $430.00
Papercut Ketubah with Gold Leaf ↛ Custom Ketubah papercut
from $525.00
Unique Watercolor Ketubah Commission painting - FLOWER GARLANDS - judaica, jewish marriage ceremony