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FOUR SEASONS KETUBAH Watercolor Ketubah commission - reviewed by Meghan Bohren

Elena designed a custom watercolor painting circling our wedding vows as a one year anniversary gift for my husband. It is absolutely stunning, we love it so much, and is a treasure we will keep in our family forever. It was a pleasure working with her, from seeing sketches and confirming design specs, to receiving the piece earlier than expected. Thank you so much for such a beautiful keepsake! Reviewed by Meghan Bohren on  July 7, 2018 Visit this Four Seasons Ketubah in our shop.

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Multicolor Ketubah giclee print - jewish marriage certificate Review

Our Ketubah is BEAUTIFUL. The sellers are lovely and they were extremely accommodating to adjustments and details. The Ketubah shipped on time and was the talk of our wedding! Really wonderful sellers. So happy to have their work hanging in our house forever. Reviewed by Zev Steinberg on June 7, 2018 Visit this Spectrum Tree of Life Ketubah in our shop.

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