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Interfaith Ketubah giclee print Review by Joanna Weiss

Beautiful and wonderful customer service - thank you for being so responsive and helping us to create a beautiful and meaningful ketubah for our wedding and marriage! Reviewed by princessjsw on Jun 28, 2016 Visit this Interfaith Ketubah in our shop.

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Ketubah YULAN MAGNOLIA TREE design - Reviewed by Cory Perlowitz

AMAZING artistry. We love our ketubah so much. It is so persona and so beautiful. It was framed and hanging throughout our ceremony and reception — many people asked where we bought it. I highly recommend working with Elena — she is super responsive and attentive. Great purchase! Reviewed by Cory Perlowitz on November 30, 2013 Visit this Ketubah Tree in our shop.

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