Can you recommend a specific frame or other method of displaying this ketubah for the wedding ceremony?

The question of how to frame and display your Ketubah at the wedding ceremony, is for many couples of importance, and most of the times is discussed at the end of the design process. So we thought to share with you from out thoughts and experience. 

The matting and framing has to match the Ketubah color pallet, and at the same time your wall and interior design. Not the easiest job, but you may rely on your interior designer or planner's advice, or on your good taste in the matter. The dimensions where of course already thought out at the time of purchasing. 

You may want to have a protective glass, but make sure to tell your framing people to initially install the Ketubah without it, so you can be able to sign at the ceremony! Afterwards it can be taken to be sealed with the glass on the front, and an archival hardboard on the back. As both a piece of artwork and a heirloom document, it deserves your care and attention. 

We think that your framed Ketubah would look best for pictures when displayed on an easel next to your Chuppah. It is traditional and it would be the most elegant form of display as it is a central piece in a Jewish wedding. But it is always a good idea to have a table for signing.

Below please find examples of framed Ketubot generously received from our married couples:






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