Modern and Contemporary Hanukkah Menorah Roundup

Modern and Contemporary Hanukkah Menorah Roundup

If you want to find out about what Menorah is and the difference between the 7 and 9 branch menorahs, I recommend this article by Steven Fine. Start reading below. 

The menorah —“lamp stand” in Hebrew— has been the pre-eminent symbol of Jews and Judaism for millennia. It is the oldest continuously used religious symbol in Western civilization. Yet at this time of year, many people —Jews and non-Jews alike— find themselves puzzled about it. Why is there a nine-branched menorah for Hanukkah (which begins this year on the evening of Dec. 24) rather than the more familiar seven-branched one, as in the seal of the State of Israel?

For many Jews in antiquity, the menorah’s seven branches represented the five visible planets, plus the sun and the moon, and its rounded branches suggested their trajectories across the heavens. One ancient Jewish thinker, Philo of Alexandria, compared the “harmony” of the menorah’s branches to “an instrument of music, truly divine.” Others noted that seven is a key number in Judaism—one need only mention the biblically ordained week.

So the seven-branched menorah evolved into the most important “branding” icon of Judaism. It was stamped on coins, engraved on tombs and inscribed on sundials, jewelry and synagogue furnishings. The Romans considered the menorah so recognizable a Jewish symbol that they depicted it on the Arch of Titus in Rome to illustrate the spoils that they had carried away after conquering Jerusalem in A.D. 70.

So why nine branches for the observance of Hanukkah? ... Read the full article by STEVEN FINE


Our Roundup for Modern and Contemporary Hanukkah Menorah for 2016 - 2017


This Menorah by Liron Shaki is the result of a connection between typography and industrial design. It combines solid wood with brushed aluminum. The cutting of the two materials is done by Hi-tech machining, while the grinding and polishing is done by hand.


Brushed Silver Short Menorah - Crate and Barrel Exclusive

A play on tradition, this contemporary menorah braces a curved line-up of tulip-shaped candle holders. Handcrafted of aluminum, the menorah has a matte silver finish.


Botanical Leaf Menorah by Michael Aram at bloomingdales

Nature-inspired, Michael Aram's Botanical Leaf collection calls to mind the leaves and twisting branches of eucalyptus and seagrape. Artfully designed, this unique menorah makes an eye-catching centerpiece during Hanukkah and beyond.



Tel Aviv SEA Menorah by Laura Cowan

Laura’s inspiration for this design comes from a combination of the sea waves and the architecture in her home city of Tel Aviv. The steel base is created out of gently formed highly polished steel. The gloss anodized aluminum candle holders can be slotted wherever you wish on the top of the steel base and are magnetized with neodymium magnets.



Richard Meier Menorah

American architect Richard Meier has designed a limited edition Hanukkah menorah (candle holder) for the Jewish Museum in New York, to commemorate 4,000 years of Jewish history.





Jewish Museum Menorahmorph by Karim Rashid

In honor of its centennial, The Jewish Museum commissioned world-renowned designer Karim Rashid to design this unique menorah. Created in his signature colors, forms and materials, this bold statement brings a contemporary look to a traditional ritual object. It is a fitting celebration of Hanukkah for the 21st century. The menorah includes 45 coordinating Hanukkah candles, as well as removable metal candle inserts for easy cleaning. The menorah is also available in orange and blue. Rashid, one of the best-known contemporary designers in the world, creates objects that communicate and speak about the time in which we live. A consummate pluralist, Rashid’s designs range from consumer products to interiors to fashion, furniture to lighting and art, with over 70 items in permanent art collections around the globe.


Jonathan Adler's Skyline Menorah features a constellation of polished brass or nickel pipes. Make it a decidedly urban addition to your holiday display, or give one as a gift to a particularly stylish relation. The perfect menorah for the modernist.



Ascalon Menorah designed by Brad Ascalon

Upon finishing his master’s in industrial design at Pratt in 2005, Brad Ascalon was named one of the world’s “Ten Most Wanted” emerging designers by Wallpaper. He grew up immersed in art and design, and his chosen career is a nod to his father and grandfather, the latter of whom founded a metal arts manufacturing company in Israel in the late 1930s. “He designed hundreds of decorative objects,” says Ascalon, “including dozens of menorahs. In fact, one piece he designed is in the permanent collection at the Jewish Museum.” Ascalon’s father also designs menorahs, but not for tabletops. Rather, he produces one-of-a-kind, large-scale permanent art installations for synagogues around North America. When Ascalon approached us to see if we’d be interested in producing his first menorah design, we enthusiastically agreed. The result is an elegant design crafted out of Carrara marble. “Stylistically, the design finds itself in an interesting niche,” says Ascalon, “visually modern with an unexplainable classic undertone. The eight facets correspond to the eight days of Chanukah, and the left and right diagonals create an 18-degree angle. In Judaism, 18 is a very important number symbolizing chai, or ‘life.’” A kosher design, the Ascalon Menorah (2011) accommodates eight candles arranged in a line on one level and a ninth, the shamash (used to light the others), on another. Available with or without 45 hand-dipped 6-inch white candles, which burn clean and bright for more than an hour each. Made in China.




Traveling Hanukkah Menorah

"TRAVELING CHANUKKIAH" INSPIRED BY THE SHAPE OF THE OLD CITY WALLS OF JERUSALEM. The traveling Chanukiah is made of anodized aluminum, it has two parts and it can be used in different forms. The Traveling Hanukkah Menorah is very easy to carry and you can take it with you wherever you go... Available in different colors for your choice. Fits only for wax candles. NADAV ART stands behind this product and offers a three-year warranty. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by irregular use of the product or cosmetic damage such as scratches.




A lush Tree of Life is laser-cut in to a golden brass plate, set on a gleaming black marble base.


at This solid bronze Menorah features the soulful detailing of Kelly’s signature combed texture motif. The nine hole menorah is the standard size for Hanukkah candles. Also available in gunmetal. Handmade in Los Angeles.
Made in the United States. Exclusive to MARCH. The set includes nine individual candle holders and one tray. Material: High Polished Brass
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