In celebration of 5777 ROSH HASHANAH

In celebration of 5777 ROSH HASHANAH

This photo is taken by our good friend Renay Elle Morris in her recent travel through a few eastern European countries - Thank you for such an inspirational one! Happy Holidays!

In celebration of 5777 - Grand Choral Synagogue - St Petersburg, Russia 

©  renay elle morris / / 2016


The Grand Choral Synagogue of St. Petersburg (Russian: Санкт-Петербургская Большая Хоральная Синагога Sankt-Peterburgskaya Bolshaya Khoralnaya Sinagoga), sometimes called the St. Petersburg Synagogue, is the second largest synagogue in Europe, It was built between 1880 and 1888, and consecrated in 1893, Poet Osip Mandelstam called the Petersburg Synagogue a "lavish, outstandish seductress."


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