My ordered arrived damaged. What can you do?

Sometimes, rarely, the package can get damaged during transport. 
We provide replacements for prints, however the original paintings are not insured. 
So here is what you can do to remedy some of the light damage: 
The paper we are painting and printing on is 100% cotton rag highest museum quality, and will not easily crease, and will return to its flat condition when unrolled.
However in case of paper curling or waving due to rolling and atmospheric conditions, the best method to flatten is to reverse rolling and keep it rolled in the same or a larger tube for a few hours. Another method is to straighten it by sliding the paper against a smooth table edge and on the concave side of the paper wave. The technique however is a bit more difficult. 
Due to humidity, it can wave back in time. So the best way to prevent that if you don't like the look of it, is to frame it with a hardboard and glass very tightly, or to mount it on plywood with transparent pH neutral adhesive that protects the images from the natural acids in the wood and provides an extremely reliable bond between the images and the panel.
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