How should we handle the ketubah during and after our wedding?

Extra care must always be taken when unpacking and handling artworks as they are highly prone to scratches, bends and fingerprints. Removing the work from the provided packaging without gloves could cause irreparable damage to it, like a visible fingerprint could leave a so-called “moon”. This would make returning the work impossible. Always use gloves or an equivalent form of protection when handling artworks. You can rest your Ketubah on a table or an easel for displaying art!

We suggest you frame your artwork directly after receiving it using a conservation-grade acid-free board as well as museum glass or UV-blocking Plexiglas. Ask your framer people to use a removable frame and glass so you can easily put it back after signing. Prints and original artworks should not be exposed to sunlight neither directly nor in part. Additionally, they should not be installed over heating ducts or radiators, or subjected to humidity levels exceeding those of the typical living space.

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