Invitation to share your wedding pictures

Invitation to share your wedding pictures

Hello everyone,

We are Genu & Elena, the creators of ElenaBerlo™ and OnceUponaPaper™. We want to take a moment to thank everyone who put their faith in our artistic heart and hands. It is with your support this journey into customized artwork was made possible.

We took small steps in giving our paintings a new purpose, each one specially requested by a new couple. And it all grew organically as we came to understand that capturing life’s precious moments in art helps us make sense of our presence and connects us to the past, present and future, and to beautiful new people.

Once in awhile we share the images you send us, and it is a warm feeling to know that you really loved it and that we are a tiny bit part of your story. Thanks a million to those couples that shared back with us.

If you have pictures from your great wedding day, or love our artwork and have a great snapshot of it, then you can use one of the following ways to share with us:



p - please send us your Pinterest username and we’ll send an invite to the exclusive board

e    simply email us at    [ share @ onceuponapaper dot net ]   and we will create a post on our blog


With love,

Elena and Genu

ElenaBerlo / OnceUponaPaper


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