Elena Berlo Art Show at Contempora

I am excited about our latest art show we have at Contempora, thanks to curator Corina Laura Nae @contempora
Collages: monoprint, metallic gold and silver leaf, crayon, coloured pencil, ink, print reproductions of original gouache and watercolour paintings, on paper, wood and craft tubes.

The theme of the exhibition is Post Eden art of living, the show being a collaboration with Genu Berlo. The exhibit is constructing, conceptually and especially emotionally-sensorially, on two well known archetypes, Adam and Eve and The Garden of Eden, Gan Eden גַּן עֵדֶן in Aramaic, Hebrew. At the base there are two flights as I call them: one is the flight from yourself, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and the second is the desire to return, or to find yourself, the Garden, and the Tree of Life.
The collages -a map of deeply embedded gene memories brought to surface in form of fantasy and dreams - are using various process and materials from both realms, the natural like wood, fabric, watercolours, oils and paper, symbolizing the return to nature, and synthetic - the inhale of the world, the techno (=man made) world, like plastic, foam, polymers, acrylics, metal and raisins.