Modern Ketubah - the Jewish and non-Jewish Marriage Contract

Modern Ketubah - the Jewish and non-Jewish Marriage Contract

What is a Modern Ketubah?

Today, the Jewish Marriage Contract (Ketubah כְּתוּבָּה) has been taken to new grounds. This marriage tradition and formality has been adopted by and adapted to the non-jewish couples too. The fact is mainly due to the art and technology infusion in our lifestyle as well as the need for a prized keepsake to record the wedding momentum and feelings.

The Modern Ketubah is now a piece of art that combines modern graphic and symbolic elements with a body of text, adapted and written specifically for the couple getting married.

The signing ceremony takes place in the presence of witnesses, officiant, and close family and friends. The Ketubah is then matted and framed and carefully placed a centerpiece in the couple's home, and regarded as a precious family artwork that holds prized wedding memories and meanings, a daily reminder of the vows they've made to each other.

Artwork Commission Ketubah in watercolor with handmade calligraphy and metallic gold gilding papercut border

Modern Text

While the traditional text outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom, in relation to the bride, the modern ketubah is adapted to the new understanding of marriage as a partnership driven by family and love, or a broader range of values. However, traditional texts like the orthodox for instance, can happily be combined with modern art with Rabbi's approval.


Modern Art

The art embedded into the Modern Ketubah has a growing importance today, as art in general has a new and more intimate place in our lives and homes. 

Various mediums and artistic techniques are now being used: watercolor, digital printing, papercuts, laser woodcutting, hand calligraphy, gilding, gold foiling, etc...

Signing ceremony of a Woodcut Ketubah Tree by OnceUponaPaper

Today, the Modern Ketubah is for everyone: jewish traditional, alternative, interfaith, same-sex, even non-jewish couples with ketubah envy. It will make an important vital record, a valuable source of family information sought after by genealogists and family future generations.

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