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BAT MITZVAH invitations and table cards - reviewed by Marlo Wilcox

I just wanted to let you know how stunning the invitations turned out. I am getting feedback from everyone who received one on how beautiful they are. I know I loved them but didn't think people commented on invitations. They are just gorgeous.Thank you so much for working with me. Reviewed by Marlo Wilcox on October 1, 2016 Visit these Invitations in our shop.

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Our invitation set is lovely and Gene was great to work with in the whole customization and proof process. This is a beautiful customized guestbook for our upcoming wedding. It arrived quite quickly and we were thrilled with the result! It's a guestbook that will have a special place in our new home rather than getting stuck in a box somewhere. Reviewed by Stephanie Price on June 7, 2014 Visit this Amazonica Guestbook Tree in our shop.

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Wedding Invitations and Guest Book Set - Reviewed by Elise Akbacak

We are so very happy with our wedding invitations and guestbook. They all look amazing and Gene did a great job turning our ideas into beautifully designed creations. Reviewed by Elise Akbacak on January 30, 2014 Visit these Wedding Invitations and Guest Book in our shop.

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