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Woodcut Ketuba Tree - Reviewed by Christine Mello

THANK YOU so much for custom making our Marriage Contract at such short notice, and for your help with making it. Everyone commented on what a very special touch the contract added to the ceremony, and it looks absolutely stunning at home on our wall. Thank you! Reviewed by PhillyMelloCello on May 22, 2014 Visit this Woodcut Ketubah Tree in our shop.

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MODERN KETUBAH SPRING TREE OF LIFE - Reviewed by Kathleen Kelley

Beautiful. US shoppers - give yourself plenty of time to order, since the shop is in Europe, but the print arrived in perfect condition and looked exactly like the proof. Reviewed by Kathleen Kelley on October 10, 2013  Visit this Modern Ketubah Giclée in our shop.

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MODERN KETUBAH SAFARI TREE OF LIFE - Reviewed by Julie Colantuoni

We are in love with our Ketubah and received so many compliments during our wedding. We also received our order so quickly and our interaction with this company was efficient and professional. Thank you again for everything!! I was amazed at how quickly our order came all the way from Romania to the US! Reviewed by Julie Colantuoni on October 2, 2013 Visit this Ketubah Safari Tree in our shop.

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