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Woodcut Papercut and Giclee Ketubah framed and unframed examples

Please see this example of a framed woodcut ketubah: https://www.onceuponapaper.net/blogs/blog/18671423-onceuponapaper-woodcut-ketubah-real-weddings-nicole-daniel The wood is always poplar or mahogany, but it has also slight variations in color and texture being a natural material. Since the woodcut layer is 3-4mm thick, your local framing shop will have to allow for it, but in most cases it is still easy to have a glazing layer (optional), then a window mat (also optional), the ketubah layers, and lastly a backboard to hold tight all layers.  A papercut ketubah framing example: https://www.onceuponapaper.net/blogs/blog/65071235-onceuponapaper-papercut-ketubah-real-weddings-rebecca-gAlso, please see the attached pictures for more unframed examples:  

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