Examples of Trilingual Ketubah by OnceUponaPaper

Because couples are asking to see examples of Ketubah made in three languages, we've made this quick post showing possible layouts, designs. 

Languages we've used over time are: English, Hebrew / Aramaic of course, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Sanskrit, Japanese, Romanian, Italian and other that I don't remember at the moment. 

A common question is if we can display correctly a certain language. The answer is always YES!  The modern tools we use nowadays are packed with all languages. And for rtl, and font compatibility, we recommend and work with Google Docs. They have all needed features, and even keyboard tools to make it really easy when writing in any language. 


Stacked layout

Side by side layout

Mixed layout

Posted on September 21, 2016 by Genu Berlo | 0 Comments in ketubah text, trilingual, trilingual ketubah